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I’m with you.  It is extremely difficult to be vulnerable and then get your heart broken, especially if it is something that feels like happens again and again.  But maybe we learn something each time that makes vulnerability easier or maybe that makes our use of vulnerability more discerning which is also a beautiful and necessary thing. I think what I am attempting to do from now on is love without expectations. This doesn’t mean I open up to everyone on the spot (and some people I will not open up to at all) but it means that when I do power is in the action that I do. It’s my power. I do not wait for the other person’s reaction or vulnerability or rejection or whatever to move me or to free me.  That I think is taking back some of the fear of vulnerability.  I am empowered by what I do and I am not disempowered by what other do not do.  But this is much easier said than done.  I don’t think I’m living this fully yet. But I’ll dream and meditate on it. 

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